Our clients save time and money using our online onboarding platform.

All new hires complete their required paperwork before they even start the job. Things like Federal W-4s, State Withholding, and direct deposits are no longer a “first day” problem. This allows our clients more time for orientations and training, which are imperative to the new hire’s success at their company.

Automate Onboarding to Save Time and Money

With so many steps to onboarding a new hire, why not simplify it all under one online space?

  • Do you need signatures?
  • Checklists?
  • Policies?
  • Employee handbooks?
  • Certification?
  • Training materials?

Get all of this done before they even start working. That way, their first day on the clock is about learning, not about boring paperwork and “sign here” or “initial here.”

Several Onboarding Needs? Various Position Types?

What about all the different types of employees you may have? Each position or job may have their own needs when it comes to onboarding?

  • Full-time employee or part-time employee?
  • Internships or externships?
  • Independent contractor?
  • Salaried position?
  • Hourly position?
  • Flat-rate projects?
  • Seasonal employee?

All of these different types of employees have different types of paperwork and onboarding to complete before they can start working for you. Get it all done quickly, in one synthesized and cohesive space, provided by us.

Human resources encompass many different facets of employment.  The solutions needed by our clients are based on their unique needs and the challenges they face.  Leading Edge has built an agile organization that has the depth of knowledge, technology, and tools to be able to respond to those unique needs.

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We can make sure all aspects of HR, including onboarding, are taken care of so you so can focus on what matters.

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