Where Client Challenges Meet “Leading Edge” Solutions

Human resources encompass many different facets of employment.  The solutions needed by our clients are based on their unique needs and the challenges they face.  Leading Edge has built an agile organization that has the depth of knowledge, technology and tools to be able to respond to those unique needs.

Client & Employee HR Portals Created by Leading Edge SolutionsOur “client branded” online recruitment portal allows our clients the ability to easily and quickly post jobs, review & rate applicants, communicate with applicants and track results.  Instead of going to many different recruiting sites and posting each job opening, our clients choose where they want to post their jobs and with 1-click jobs are posted on those sites. And our clients can track each recruiting site’s success rate, so they end up investing in job boards that work for them.  Our clients find great talent faster and reduce hiring time by 30%.

Online Onboarding of New Hires

Online New Hire onboarding has saved time and money for clients who can have all New Hire paperwork completed before their new employees start their job, allowing more time for orientations and training that greatly affect the New Hire’s success at their company.  Employees are more quickly engaged and clients eliminate hours of paperwork. Basic employment forms like Federal W-4’s, State Withholding, and direct deposits, along with forms specific for each client can easily be handled.

Benefit Administration

Benefit administration is time sensitive and time consuming.  Why not outsource the administrative part of the work to us? Our team of professionals work with each client on their unique benefit program.  From supporting discussions with their benefit agency, to in-person enrollment meetings to online enrollment solutions, our staff take the burden of benefit enrollment and day-to-day administration off their shoulders.  Plus, our staff are available full time to answer any questions your employees might have. Let us support you by supporting your staff with top-notch customer service.


Offering payroll solutions and complete payroll functionality to our clients is a service we take very seriously.  Afterall, if payroll isn’t right for your employees, it creates stress and frustration in the workplace. That’s why accuracy and attention to detail is critical along with features that our clients need, including: Direct deposit, employee pay cards, online payroll submission, timekeeping, time clocks, cost reporting, general ledger downloads, garnishment/deductions processing and benefit administration.  Plus, managers can perform key tasks easily and quickly, including timecard reviews, time off requests and even monitor payroll.

Self-Service Client & Employee Portals

Both Clients and their employees have online access 24 x 7 to their portals.  Employees can reprint check stubs, change tax withholdings, update information and review their benefits.  All at their convenience and without taking valuable time away from work. Plus, the employee portal is available in Spanish!

Our clients have access to all their payroll & employee data whenever they need it.  Reports are available for payroll, benefits, census and other historical information.  Knowledge at their fingertips!

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